Don’t take your spine and your alignment for granted. Reverse the signs of aging by changing how you move, stand and sit.

Everything in your body is connected. Regardless of your fitness level, learn how to restore your whole body through natural movement.  

You’re never too old to take a hike, dance, garden, sit on the floor, change how you move.

The question is: How do you want to feel in 10 years? In 20 years? Are you ready to transform your life?


Based on Katy Bowman’s work, learn how some of your movement habits are creating unnecessary wear and tear on your spine, your back, shoulders, knees, feet, neck, and hands.

Experience carefully designed corrective exercises to incorporate into everyday living to change how your body feels. This isn’t an exercise program. It’s a foundation designed to slowly change how you move and how you feel –– for the rest of your life!



Your new movement practice can make you feel younger


In Restorative Exercise workshops, we teach you how to change the habits of how you stand, move, twist, lift, and sit to reduce tension in your back, your shoulders, your knees, your feet.  Then we practice these new alignment habits in every day life.

We start to pay attention to where our weight is distributed while we walk. Are we allowing gravity to help us strengthen our bones? Can we learn how to stand taller? What are we doing with our arms when we walk? How much do our feet feel? Are our ankles becoming more supple when we unexpectedly step on a rock or a curb rather than a flat surface? Are we less anxious about falling, even in our homes?

Move better, move more comfortably, move more often


 Take a workshop if you want to comfortably play on the floor with your grandchildren, garden without pain, or take a walk without achy knees or feet. Take a workshop if your neck, arms, shoulders or hands hurt, whether from computer use or any repetitive motion.


“Sylvia’s classes are wonderful. I’ve been doing corrective exercise for a while, but always learn something new. Sylvia not only demonstrates what to do, she explains why and then keeps coaching through each exercise to keep everyone on track. And she has a nice sense of humor. I always leave class feeling better, stronger, more agile.” 

Karin Knowles

“I have been a student and fan of restorative exercise classes at Body Wisdom Studio for over 15 years. Sylvia delivers the same highly effective program using easy to follow, thoughtful and well-informed instructions. With her many years of experience as an educator, Sylvia knows how to keep the class on track and still attend to a wide range of individual student needs.” 

Sallie DeWitt, TRX Instructor

“Restorative exercise has made enormous difference in my health and life. At 72, I call it my “life insurance policy” and it sure pays off.  Sylvia’s classes are thorough and fun; I appreciate that she provides up-front goals for the class, and then summarizes what we’ve worked on at the end. So glad she’s part of my good-health plan!” 

Rita Gardner

“Sylvia has found a way to help me deal with the aches and pains of aging. She is motivating and knows what to say to keep me from giving up. Best of all, I’m pain free after years of hip issues.” 

Lynette Harrison

Sylvia Fox is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist living in Point Richmond, California. She teaches Restorative Exercise classes and Zumba Gold at Body Wisdom Studio. She also offers Restorative Exercise Workshops and classes in the United States and Mexico.

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